wet field, Gavin Kwan So Victim Tsunami Cup 2017

wet field, Gavin Kwan So Victim Tsunami Cup 2017

Indonesian national team a 3-2 victory over Mongolia in the second game Aceh Tsunami Solidarity World Cup (AWSTC) 2017 in Harapan Bangsa Stadium, Banda Aceh, Monday (4/12) claimed Taruhan bola. One Indonesian player namely Gavin Kwan Adsit should get a serious injury.

One of the causes that is not representative of the field conditions due to heavy rain that continues to flood the earth Aceh. As a result of muddy field conditions that make the flow of the ball does not flow smoothly.

Gavin’s injury still needs further inspection

The condition of the field that was damaged by rain several times triggered the emotions of both players, who were exhausted in a heavy field. So that the Barito origin is so tart. Gavin was pulled out in the second half of the game through injury. He replaced Putu Gede.

“I am very happy with their hard work, progress, and attitude on the pitch. The game was not easy, they were physically very strong. I am sad Gavin was hit by injury, with the condition of the field as it certainly can not be avoided such injuries, “said Luis Milla after the game.

Unfortunately this Spanish coach has not been able to diagnose the condition of players from Barito Putera club. The team of Garuda’s medical team has just checked to make sure if the player from Mitra Kukar can play when the Red and White Team tries Kyrgyzstan on Wednesday (6/12/2017).

“About Gavin’s injury, we hope nothing bad happens to him. Field conditions do not support, and tomorrow (red: today) we try to analyze more deeply, as my coach is proud of his hard work, and I pray he heal quickly, “he concluded.

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