The Story of Atmosphere in the Changing Room After Indonesia Defeated Malaysia

The Story of Atmosphere in the Changing Room After Indonesia Defeated Malaysia

U-22 Indonesia national team manager, Endri Erawan, reveals the atmosphere of the changing room that occurred after Evan Dimas et al defeated Malaysia with a score of 0-1 in SEA Games 2017 semifinal match that took place at Shah Alam Stadium, Selangor, Saturday (08/26/2017) .

Endri said, all U-22 national team players cry, whether playing or not.

All players U-22 national team feel the disappointment failed to advance to the final to get a gold medal as the target of PSSI.

In fact, for 90 minutes of the game, U-22 national team is more dominant to launch attacks than Malaysia who managed to take advantage of a golden opportunity.

“Sadly, many are crying too, especially players who do not play baseball, like Marinus Wanewar,” said Endri.

Endri also added, when all the players bowed flagging and seemed not to accept the defeat, Chairman (Ketum) PSSI, Edy Rahmayadi, came to the dressing room after the game players.

In there, Gavin Kwan et al heard Edy’s eager words.

Endri said, Edy Rahmayadi not angry with the results obtained by the U-22 national team.

Edy requested that the Young Garuda squad get up immediately to welcome the remaining matches against Myanmar in the bronze medal contest.

“Mr. Edy is not angry, instead he is uplifting and says like this, ‘You do not cry in the field If you cry, you lose twice.’ That’s Ketum’s message, “Endri said.

“You have to get up because there’s still a bronze game, that’s one of the motivations of Ketum, not blaming them and understanding about football,” said Endri.

Edy’s enthusiasm sparked the rise of the Red and White team against Myanmar.

The result, U-22 national team won with a score of 3-1 when facing Myanmar in a bronze medal in the MPS Selayang Stadium, Selangor, Malaysia, Tuesday (29/08/2017).

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