Dejan Lovren Speaking of the Role of the Defender under Klopp’s Direction

Dejan Lovren berduel udara pada laga antara West Bromwich Albion dan Liverpool, Sabtu (25/4/2015).

Dejan Lovren Speaking of the Role of the Defender under Klopp’s Direction

Liverpool FC defender Dejan Lovren revealed a “strange” policy applied by manager Juergen Klopp to his team in defense Situs Poker Online.

Dejan Lovren admitted that since Liverpool was handled by Juergen Klopp in October 2015, he deeply felt the difference in the role of a central defender.

The 28-year-old said all Liverpool center-backs were asked to play the role of defensive midfielder.

However, Lovren claimed no blame for this tactic, although the Liverpool defenders could have been distracted by the opponent’s opponent’s speed utilizing considerable space between central defenders and goalkeepers.

This is done Klopp in order to provide high pressure to the opposing team before being besieged in the last third of the field.

“We play more as a midfielder than a defender but we have quality players, play at a high level and have a figure who can change the match with just one chance.That’s why the system is good,” Lovren told ESPN.

“This tactic is sometimes risky, but if you do not risk anything in life, you will not win anything, the manager always implements new ideas and we apply them well last season,” he said.

In fact, during the 2016-2017 season, Liverpool’s defense is the second worst of the top six teams with the number of conceded 42 goals.

Raihan was only better than Arsenal (44 goals).

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